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Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD) is offering the full range of Dell EMC OEM products and solutions to customers so that IoT (Internet of Things) solutions can be designed and delivered to the market place.  Dell EMC’s OEM product ranges are available in standard or customised, part or in full Dell EMC hardware offerings that can be tailored to each unique end user requirement.

“Market growth is through innovative solutions, a value creation process that is challenging companies to convert ideas to a physical proof of concept and intellectual property creation at reduced timelines and costs,” says Peter Griffiths, Managing Director of AAD.

A recent study by Accenture shows that only 30% of executives are satisfied with their ability to do just that.   The study finds differentiation hinges on three key abilities:

·        the ability to reduce time to market for a like or improved product feature or service;

·        the ability to deliver a bolder customer experience that is strongly associated with their brand in the marketplace;

·        and have the ability to scale their operations and logistics to meet demand while minimising costs and complexity.

DELL EMC OEM delivers the above and coupled with AAD support enables companies to transform Dell EMC technology into physical intellectual property and product offerings that reduce workload complexity and time to market delivery.  Putting AAD’s role in context, Griffiths adds, “Dell EMC OEM and AAD’s value proposition is to convert a customer’s concept into a customer value proposition with global market reach and support.”

AAD provides customers with informed management decision-making that optimises company requirements into value driven Dell original equipment, software and devices that meet new demands from custom-built or standard Dell EMC product ranges.   AAD’s knowledge and product access proposition is matched with its capital or operational expenditure finance models that mitigate cost of ownership and global operational support management through warranties or insurance to suit the end-user customer’s ownership strategy.



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