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Dell is today announcing increased support to organisations in South Africa and Namibia by offering flexible finance solutions which protect businesses’ capital reserves and help drive customers’ future growth. The Dell Financial Services scheme (DFS) is a Dell entity available in the US, Canada and Europe, which has now been launched into the African continent. 

Operating in South Africa and Namibia, DFS has been launched into the region to assist Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) upgrade or invest in their IT infrastructures, whilst avoiding using up all their capital reserves which can then be used to fund business innovation and growth. DFS provides a real alternative to bank financing, which can be difficult to obtain, especially by SMEs.

Dell Financial Services is a technology financing company that works with tens of thousands of customers and channel partners, financing billions of dollars of Dell and non-Dell IT equipment for customers annually. DFS has played a key role in Dell’s business strategy since 1997 by helping customers acquire the technology they need with financing offerings that complement the implementation of scalable solutions.

In addition to customer or End User Financing, DFS also offers Channel Financing. Partners in Namibia and South Africa can trade with Dell on extended credit terms and negotiate a larger credit limit. Once DFS receives notification that the partner’s customer has formally accepted the equipment, Dell Financial Services pays the Channel Partner immediately and starts the financing transaction with their customer.

Dell Financial Services enables customers to:

·         Conserve capital, preserve their credit line: By providing financing Dell allows customers to focus more on investing in their business, not on the infrastructure to run it

·         Manage cash flow: Payments can be structured to budget or cash flow requirements

·         Prevent technology obsolescence: DFS lease solutions enable customers to regularly rotate their assets so that they can have the latest technology at all times

·         Increase operational efficiency: Dell provides upgrade options and will dispose of old equipment so customers can focus on their business, not IT demands   

·         Lower total cost of ownership (TCO): Leasing facilitates a three year technology rotation which reduces TCO by minimising support costs

·         Access total solution financing: Dell can finance entire solutions for the same company; this includes, for example, the software and services that a Channel Partner includes in their proposal

Based in three offices across South Africa, DFS has the internal infrastructure in place to service customers nationwide without delay. Over the last 3 years, DFS has expanded beyond its U.S. roots to become a global financial services provider with the operational infrastructure to support customers’ financing needs in 18 countries. 


Sanjay Galal, Managing Director at Dell Financial Services (Pty) Ltd

“Dell believes that it is not enough to just provide technology solutions that support small and medium businesses to grow, it is also important to offer the finance that enables them to invest in new technology, to get a competitive edge, and grow. As Dell’s financing subsidiary, we see the value generated by the whole transaction, not just the lending risk, so we are more likely to say ‘yes’ to a customer. DFS funding can eliminate a key barrier for customers so that they can move forward on long delayed purchases.”

Stuart Van Graan, General Manager, Dell South Africa

“Instead of tying up money and credit lines in IT which is a depreciating asset, DFS financing allows our customers to obtain best-of-breed technology in return for low monthly payments. This means companies can preserve their existing capital to buy more of the things that they need to drive innovation and growth.”

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