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Bitcoin Events’ 4th annual Blockchain Africa Conference 2018 takes place in Johannesburg on 8-9 March 2018 and has received tremendous interest from industry experts around the world. 

It’s an exciting time in the blockchain and cryptocurrency arena which may offer some solutions to current problems and future growth opportunities in Africa. 

Blockchain technology is already disrupting finance, energy, supply chains and other sectors, while Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, has just surpassed the psychological high of $10 000. It is up more than 800% on a year-to-date basis. Ethereum has now also reached an all-time high of more than $500 over the last few days. The total market cap of all cryptocurrencies is now over $300 billion.

What the conference focuses on:

Use cases

How blockchain technology is used in payments, settlements, supply chain management, record keeping, file storage, proving of ownership, and smart contracts, and blockchain as a service and identity management. Some of the most interesting start-ups in South Africa will be discussing how they are using blockchain technology to solve real problems. Start-ups who’ll be sharing their insights include ProsperiProp, Rehive, Wala and the IXO Foundation. Read more about them here.

Regulatory environment

How blockchain technology can improve transparency, audit trails and transaction reporting to ease regulatory and compliance processes, as well as how regulators are considering regulating cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Technology hurdles and opportunities

Concerns around performance, scalability and blockchain infrastructure and the implementation of blockchain systems.

Who the speakers are:

The Blockchain Africa Conferences have always attracted an impressive line of speakers. The 2018 conference is no different. 

Blockchain expert, CEO of Bankymoon and Co-founder/CEO of Centbee Lorien Gamaroff will kick off the conference in Johannesburg as the Master of Ceremonies.

Speakers include Head of Business Development at ConsenSys and Co-Founder of ConsenSys Capital Andrew Keys (USA), Founder and CEO of BitPesa Elizabeth Rossiello (Senegal), Leader of Rand Merchant Bank’s Blockchain Initiative Farzam Ehsani (RSA), Co-Founder and CEO of Luno Marcus Swanepoel (RSA) and CEO of the IXO Foundation Anne Connelly (Canada).

Read more about our speakers here.

Get your ticket now

Early Bird tickets have now closed, but some standard tickets are still available. 

Groups of 5-14 receive 5% off the standard ticket price and groups of 15 or more receive 10% off the Standard ticket price.



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