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Whilst biometric technology, based on fingerprint identification, is considered the most accurate in terms of access control in commerce, HR experts believe facial recognition has captured the attention of decision makers.

Security remains a priority for South African businesses and according to solution management specialists at Accsys, clients are beginning to take a vested interest in biometric solutions that are based on iris identification.

Accsys is a member of the Business Connexion Group (BCX) and national supplier of people management software and hardware solutions within the HR, payroll and time & attendance space.

The Sandton-based Company has established a leadership position within key business disciplines of time & attendance and access control solution development, integration and support.

Teryl Schroenn, CEO of Accsys, says whilst the domestic market has not yet gained maturity in terms of the full rollout and widespread commercial use of hardware based on facial recognition (readers, for example), the company has experienced a greater number of enquiries as to availability and cost.

“When it comes to reader technology, fingerprints remain the dominant technology within systems. However, facial recognition is also considered highly accurate and very difficult to manipulate or copy, which means less fraud and ultimately less risk to the company and cost reduction,” Schroenn explains. “We do receive enquiries about the level of development, availability and cost of integration and support for this technology.   There is also the “no touch” aspect to facial recognition, bringing in an hygiene factor.”

One of the main reasons for the increase in investment in biometric solutions by businesses is the desire to not only protect their resources, but also enhance the regulation of employees. As such biometric solutions seriously address issues like ‘buddy-clocking’ and the cost of arduous, outdated systems based on old-style clock and reader infrastructure.

Technology that ‘reads’ the biological ‘make-up’ of an individual’s iris is on its way, but a great deal more research and development has to be completed before service providers can distribute and support it.

However Schroenn adds that when the market reaches this state of organisation, Accsys will be there to support local adoption, integration and application.



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