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Citizens expect a retail-like experience when engaging with the public sector. The survey found that there is an opportunity to increase value and in turn drive advocacy and adoption of online services if public organisations enhance the mobile user experience of civic services provided.

The recent release of the SAP Hybris citizen engagement accelerator solution addresses this need, as it is optimised for mobile use. This means government agencies can easily take data from any back-end system and present it consistently, independent of the device used, to ensure a seamless user experience. 

Generation Z are most savvy but also the most cautious digital citizens

While Generation Z is the most technologically savvy generation, the survey found a growing reluctance among this group to adopt new technologies unless the value is clear and data privacy is ensured. Compared to baby boomers, Generation X and millennials, Generation Z are the most cautious online users. Delivering services successfully to them depends on their level of trust and the benefit gained. The study found that all users have in common that they will not share their data if they do not believe it is secure and or fear it may be reused for purposes other than the original intent.

SAP supports this trend with its customer data management products from Gigya, helping organisations offer consumers transparent online experiences and visibility and control over their data while reducing security risks and potential impact by ransomware.

Digital citizens expect convenient access to timely information

The global survey also found that citizens want up-to-date information that is accessible on any device. A dashboard integrated into SAP’s solution for the public sector allows citizens to view their own and their family’s personal information. In another view, users have access to all their assets such as application history for property or car, the status of their traffic violation bills or other civic service requests. A relationship “permission” model puts delegating authority in the hands of the citizen to act on behalf of an extended family member, such as grandparents or relatives requiring care. 

The survey also revealed that individuals want to be able to book any kind of civic service easily and in real time. SAP also addresses this need with an integrated Web form in the citizen engagement accelerator solution that allows users to report an issue or submit a request instantly.

“Smart citizens expect smart governments to know who they are and how best to connect with them consistently across channels,” said head of SAP Hybris industries Matthias Goehler. “SAP provides a solution that allows government agencies to provide their citizens with convenient access to information and the means to engage with them so civic services are provided quickly and most efficiently.”



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