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To showcase just how immersive their latest High Definition (HD) televisions are, Chinese manufacturer Hisense is partnering locally with TGN Racing Simulators for enthralling, pace setting rides. Hisense is sponsoring twelve Full HD 40-inch televisions and three Ultra HD (UHD) 55-inch televisions to equip TGN’s racing simulators with wide screen displays. With the three Hisense 55-inch UHD Screens on board, the TGN full motion, triple screen rig will be the first 4K racing simulator in Africa.

The simulators have been engineered to provide a precise racing environment, each complete with advanced force feedback steering wheels, racing pedals and bucket seats, with some specially imported to South Africa. Used by professional drivers for comprehensive practice and training sessions, TGN has made these available to the public at large events and corporate functions. And with the rigs now equipped with Hisense television screens, TGN’s simulators offer the most life-like racing experience this side of actually burning rubber at Zwartkops.  

According to Ryan Curling, Brand Manager at Hisense South Africa, the sponsorship provides the perfect opportunity for people to immerse themselves in Hisense televisions’ impressive image quality. “TGN’s simulators have the ability to provide close to a real-life racing experience, exactly what is needed to show off Hisense’s brilliant Full HD and UHD televisions,” he says.

Werner Joubert, owner of TGN Racing Simulators, believes that Hisense’s displays were exactly what was required for a complete racing environment. “With Hisense’s Full HD screens now included, it takes the racing experience to the next level,” he notes. “We have used other brands in the past, but the quality of the Hisense screens is just unbelievable. There is no lag or delay, even when running the simulators at the highest settings possible,” Joubert states.

The sponsorship of TGN Racing Simulators ties in with Hisense’s multi-year partnership with the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula One Team. While the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team pushes the limits on the track, TGN’s racing simulators pushes Hisense’s screens to their full capabilities in the virtual world.

“At Hisense we are committed to products that can keep up with the high demands of our customers. TGN’s racing simulators certainly command high performance, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that our televisions deliver on that front,” Curling concludes.



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