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ITNA launched its integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) division 1 July 2014 to provide holistic resource planning solutions to local businesses. ERP is a business process management (BPM) software that allows businesses to use a system of integrated applications to collect, store, manage and interpret data from business activities. This means companies can integrate and automate their operational functions, leading to reduced overheads and much quicker turnaround on these processes.

 “ITNA has now over 20 years of account and ERP experience, for this reason we are strongly positioned to offer support on businesses’ existing systems, as well as consulting and deployment of new solutions,” says Anton Richter, Head – ERP Division.

“Our services include: business process analysis, specification of solutions (as well as specification of third-party software), implementation, training and support.”

ITNA’s ERP division will service businesses of all shares and sizes and provide custom-made solutions to larger players and both small and medium-sized enterprises.

ITNA’s current ERP offering includes Pastel Accounting, Sage Pastel Evolution, Sage Accpac, Payroll & HR, Microsoft and SAP (in partnership with other software dealers). Since the integration, the company  will also be able to provide special third-party modules for sales, production or packing modules for manufacturing companies, shipping modules (with traceability reports) and advanced weighbridge interface (which can also be integrated with sales and/or purchase modules).

“For smaller companies with entry-level accounting needs, we can provide functions for customers, suppliers, inventory, general ledgers, multi-warehousing, point of sale, serial numbers, bill of materials, projects, multi-currency, payroll and fixed assets,” explains Richter.

“For medium-sized companies, which need greater functionality, as well as larger corporations, which require advanced systems for control and report processes, we can provide all of the these same functions. We can also provide services such as job costing, manufacturing, advance retail point of sale, deliveries, lot tracking, customer relationship management (CRM), mobile sales, customer account consolidation, advanced procurement, voucher management and customer credit risk management.”

 “Operating in ICT infrastructure for over two decades, ITNA understands the importance of applications running on reliable IT infrastructure. We are now able to support both applications and infrastructure. This means that you can now cut out all of the unnecessary middlemen and have one single point of contact, which is committed to servicing all of your IT needs,” concludes Cobus Kirkpatrick Managing Director of ITNA.



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