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By Anamika Budree, Sales Manager, Branded Products at WD South Africa

Holidays are made for families to spend time with each other, bonding and making special memories. With the long Easter weekend coming up in April, South Africans of all religions and beliefs have the perfect opportunity to make the most of the warmer weather before winter sets in. However, after the holidays are over, many of us are left with a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality that makes us want to relive the good times we have shared.

Thankfully in this day and age, we have the ability to take practically limitless digital photographs and videos that help keep our memories alive. The problem, however, lies not only in storing and preserving these special memories so that we can continue to access them in years to come, but in being able to easily share them with friends and family to keep nostalgia at bay.

Consumers need robust, reliable and high capacity portable storage solutions that let them keep their precious memories safe, with easy access and sharing. WD understands this need, and offers a number of solutions that are perfect for preventing holiday nostalgia by enabling you to save, access and share favourite photos and home videos from anywhere, letting you reminisce and recapture the good times whenever the mood strikes.

The WD My Passport Wireless is the perfect portable storage solution for families on a road trip, frequent travellers and creative professionals working in the field. This easy to use Wi-Fi enabled storage drive allows you to save, access and share stored content wirelessly with any smartphone, tablet, computer or other device. It offers a simple way to connect all computing and mobile devices to content without any wires or Internet connection. It also features a high-speed USB 3.0 connection for fast transfer of large files.

The drive broadcasts its own secure wireless network, enabling up to eight devices to connect simultaneously to save content to and access content from the drive. It is available in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB models for hundreds of photos and hours of movies and music. By providing wireless storage, it solves the common problem of too many devices with limited storage capacity and no way to offload content on the go. This makes it perfect for preserving holiday memories when you may not have access to a computer or even an Internet connection.

In addition, My Passport Wireless allows users access the award-winning WD My Cloud mobile app for iOS or Android mobile devices. This app offers easy navigation, sharing and playback of the drive's content, as well as centralised access and sharing of content on public cloud storage solutions like Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive, and access to content on the WD My Cloud family of personal cloud storage.

The My Cloud family is an innovative storage and content sharing solution that enables users to save everything in one place and access it from anywhere, with direct upload from mobile devices, in your own personal cloud. This means you can have all of the benefits of cloud storage, without any of the drawbacks – access to more capacity, without monthly fees, and the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your data is being kept. You can easily store and organise all of your photos, videos, music and important documents on your home network, and access this content from anywhere with an Internet connection on a computer, tablet or smartphone, using WD’s file management app.

The WD My Cloud app lets you expand your tablet and smartphone storage and upload photos and videos directly to your personal cloud from anywhere. It also enables you to connect to Dropbox and other public cloud storage providers, and easily transfer files between your personal cloud, Dropbox and other cloud accounts. In addition, storage space is virtually limitless, as you can increase your personal cloud capacity by simply attaching a compatible USB 3.0 hard drive directly to the USB expansion port on the My Cloud drive. Easy sharing capability lets you seamlessly stream your videos, photos and music to connected TVs and media players, perfect for reliving holiday memories.

My Cloud also ensures your memories are protecting by enabling automatic file backup for all your computers, and the My Cloud Mirror dual drive solutions offers additional protection by storing all of your data on one drive and using the second drive to create a duplicate. My Cloud and My Cloud Mirror help to ensure your memories are safely stored and easily accessible whenever, wherever.

With WD My Passport Wireless, the innovative My Cloud range and a host of other portable storage solutions from WD, you need never suffer from holiday nostalgia again. Now you can download, store and share your precious content anywhere, anytime and keep those memories alive for generations to come.



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