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On the 10th of May 2018, MIA Telecoms will be launching iServ UC, The Business Cloud, an innovative enterprise cloud telephony solution. The release will set a precedent for combining three major international brands namely, Centile Telecom Applications, Epygi Technologies, and Cisco to drive new and emerging markets in the Southern African territory.

With this launch, MIA Telecoms will simplify voice and unified communications to the channel and make leading voice technology easily accessible to all businesses, and tailored to each worker’s style enabling any UC, any terminal, and from anywhere, to drive productivity, professionalise collaboration and increase contact ability. Provisioning is super simple, from the Gateways to the handset devices, which makes deployment quick and easy through a plug-and-play operation.

iServ UC, The Business Cloud incorporates Centile’s international award-winning carrier voice and unified communications platform, which is currently the leading cloud-based UCC solution in Europe. Epygi gateways will enable local PSTN integration to provide site survivability, and the overall solution will be promoted with Cisco handsets.

MIA Telecoms will supply Cisco handsets under the internationally-recognised Multiplatform Phones Programme (MPP) and is partnering with three phenomenal brands in the IT and telecommunications industries.

Centile Telecom Applications is Europe’s leading developer of unified communications platforms for system integrators and operators. It boasts a customer base of more than 100 service providers with 1 million online users relying on its telephone platform.

On the other side of the pond, US-based Epygi Technologies is a dominant telephony communications company providing gateways and other products to users worldwide. Epygi’s services will assure reliable and secure local PSTN connectivity for iServ, The Business Cloud.

Cisco is a giant in the industry. They develop, manufacture and sell products and services in the telecommunications and networking industries. Cisco offer a comprehensive portfolio of multiplatform phones that cater to every organizational need, from the start-up to the well-established enterprise.

Historically, handsets have been a barrier to entry for most companies and often accounts for the largest part of the telecoms investment, which is why the Cisco IP device element is such an important part of iServ UC, The Business Cloud. Fortunately, under the MPP agreement with Cisco, MIA Telecoms will be able to sell Cisco handsets at very competitive rates. All solution elements have been subjected to rigorous testing and certification to guarantee interoperability and support quick and easy provisioning.

Bryan Driessel, the managing director of MIA Telecoms, said the following, “With Cisco’s high-quality products, the top functionality of the carrier voice and unified communication platform powered by Centile, and Epygi’s reliable and secure PSTN lines, our offering will be unrivalled in South Africa.”

Also, because of the attractive pricing and margins, iServ UC, The Business Cloud is an appealing solution for resellers in the IT and telecommunications industries to deliver to their clients. And it’s available from MIA Telecoms exclusively! This is just another way that MIA Telecoms allows companies to function as a unified organism, with each part efficiently contributing to the whole.

By partnering with MIA Telecoms, resellers will receive marketing support, full sales and technical training and guidance throughout the process. Resellers will also receive the opportunity to enter the market and make money quickly with quick-to-market incentives.

MIA Telecoms has achieved phenomenal success with our Samsung distribution with a 35% market share. MIA Telecoms will continue to thrive in the proprietary sector with Samsung and Panasonic, and continue to provide tier 1 solutions to the SME sector at affordable prices. Our primary goal is to achieve maximum success in both sectors. And we can’t do it without you. Going forward, we want to address the open standards market and build a significant market share. And you are officially invited to join us on the journey.



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