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Six of the ten fastest growing world economies are African, and the International Data Corporation (IDC) expects overall IT spending in Africa to total $33.4 billion over the next five years. In fact, according to the IDC one third of all Kenyan enterprises view the implementation and expansion of cloud capabilities as a key priority for the future. With this fuelling its trajectory through the continent, leading cloud services company, Mimecast, has partnered with Grove Group to launch Mimecast’s unified information management services into Africa and the Middle East. 

“Security and compliance is critical to the running of a business,” says Jonathan Zartz, Head of Channel at Grove Group. “Grove recognises a significant opportunity in bringing Mimecast into the region based on the explosive market share that Mimecast has gained in the UK and South African markets over the last five years. Grove has been a cloud security provider that has been selling email security solutions for the past nine years, so there is no doubt that Mimecast is the perfect cloud security solution for African and Middle Eastern enterprises.”

Mimecast, a leader in enterprise cloud services for the protection and management of corporate human generated data, has over 10 000 customers and nearly three million users worldwide. “Our expansion into Africa and the Middle East is incredibly exciting,” says Martin Rohde – Mimecast Business Development Manager: Africa. “Grove’s focus on bringing innovative technologies to a diverse set of markets across Africa and the Middle East, made partnering with them an opportunity to deliver our solutions to a broader and largely untouched community,” adds Rohde.

“We live in a unique period in time where we are experiencing a technological revolution,” says Zartz. “Businesses are now adapting to change through innovation and achieve massive positive transformation by adopting simple, flexible, mobile and cloud-based technologies. Grove is at the forefront of embracing this opportunity seeing significant year on year growth, even though the market is still developing,” he concludes.

The strong partnership that already exists between Grove Group and Mimecast in the UK and South Africa will act as a solid foundation for an incredible future together in the rest of Africa and the Middle East.  Whilst the complementary partnership will result in businesses across the continent gaining access to the latest cloud technologies and solutions; customer service is still a key focus for both companies as they support African and Middle Eastern businesses through this technological revolution.



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