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Payment solutions provider Netcash has integrated its payment solutions with Billdozer, Paycycle and uCollect. Netcash clients now stand to benefit from the integration capabilities offered by these independent software vendors with Xero Accounting.

Netcash Managing Director, Charles Pittaway, says: “Our goal is to help businesses of all sizes simplify administration, automate manual processes and gain more control over their payments environment. We are excited to work with software vendors to offer their customers access to our connected services. This enables them to improve efficiency, save on transaction costs, offer a range of payments choices, and accelerate the collection of payments.” 

The Billdozer solution enables recurring, invoice-driven debit order collections and reconciliation. The Billdozer platform is fully integrated with Netcash’s Debit Order and Pay Now services to simplify billing and collection processes.

“Netcash is a robust platform that supports a wide range of payments channels. We are pleased to collaborate with Netcash to streamline the collection of money for merchants in South Africa. Over the next 12 to 18 months, we will roll out new features to further automate Netcash debit order collections for Xero Accounting users,” says Toby Hewlett, co-founder at Billdozer.

uCollect automates collections using debit orders and Netcash’s Billing and eCommerce solutions. Integration with the Xero platform marks invoices as paid in the accounting software, speeding up reconciliations.

“Since Netcash is the leading debit order processor in South Africa, we have received numerous requests from Xero users to support the platform. Our integration with Netcash creates full receivables automation for same day and two-day debit orders, scheduled credit cards and Pay Now functionality direct from the Xero Pay Now button,” says Peter McCarroll, founder at uCollect.

Paycycle is a Xero integrated collections engine that automates the entire collections and debit orders cycle straight from Xero. Paycycle supports automated mandate management to accurately collect fluctuating amounts. The advanced reconciliation integration with Xero ensures the entire recon is taken care of accurately and efficiently.

“The Paycycle platform has been in development for more than four years and has been running in South Africa for more than a year. We are pleased to offer this integration to Xero and Netcash users. We are looking forward to growing the South African business with Netcash and improving satisfaction among the customers that Xero, Netcash and Paycycle share,” says Heinrich Botes, director at Paycycle.



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