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Irrespective of the industry, employees and shareholders expect annual increases (depending on their employment contract), and shareholders expect returns on their financial investments. Consequently, many organisations are deciding to focus on what they are experts in, and employing Managed Print Service providers to focus on their area of excellence, namely fleet optimization.

Printed knowledge is said to actively drive business forward, as sharing knowledge through printed documentation is both beneficial and hassle-free as printed information is readily available. Print costs can amount to as much as 3% of revenue but organisations can save up-to 30% of these with effective Managed Print Service providers.

  1. It is classed as a lower-level administrative function, indicating that
  • There is no purchasing policy,
  • Most organisations have miniature ideas of the true cost of print,

  1. Print is Uncontrolled:
  •  It is not on the senior management’s agenda, or within their control.

  1. Inefficient Print Infrastructures:
  • Generally, printers are not replaced until they are completely incapable of functioning- meaning that organisations are not taking advantages of Technology Commercialisation Office and ad hoc purchasing can be expensive.
  • The latest devices- such as multifunctional printers are largely ignored, with an impact on costs and productivity.
  • The variety of the print fleet increases learning curves, and increases the cost of consumables and makes support unnecessarily difficult.
  • Printers are placed where they are valued or where there is space, instead of taking account of current and future needs.
  • Colour printers are utilized for black and white, laser printers for simple word documents.

  1. High Indirect/Hidden Cost:
  • End-User cost;
  1. Inefficient working practices or processes such as single sided printing instead of duplex printing.
  2. Down time reduces productivity.
  • Administrative and purchasing costs- with numerous devices from multiple brands requiring too many different types of consumables affect productivity. Energy costs- the latest printers are not only “green”, they offer reduced power consumption.
  • Maintaining a disparate fleet across numerous locations has a knock-on effect on Information Technology operational costs.

An inadequate Managed Print Service provider is considered inflexible, largely affecting the organisations ability to adapt to change without continual input from the Information Technology (IT) department. Constant management and maintenance necessities take Information Technology employees away from the places where they can add the most profitable value in their specialised field, and prevent active contingency plans for the future being critically planned and structured for, and the overall future success of the organisation.

Through employing Managed Print Services, organisations allow their organisation the opportunity to thrive without any interference as each employee can focus on their individual specialised field allowing for further productivity, which ensures even greater profitability.

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