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With over 65 000 customers in 92 countries. From small businesses to Fortune 100, the results speak for themselves.

Equitrac intelligent print management software helps make printing work how you want it to: simply, securely and with up to 30% savings. Complete accountability to better control costs and security. All of which equals a reduced burden on IT with detailed reporting accurate cost allocation and accounting.

Equitrac's smart and innovative technology already has a track record of working towards a future that educates people towards striving for a greener, cleaner planet, by minimising waste, decreasing carbon emissions.

Equitrac provides maximum flexibility to deploy print in the way that best supports your business. Print servers can be a barrier to adapting change, particularly when dealing with multiple offices and mobile workers, mixed printer fleets and an overburdened IT staff. These lead to common print challenges like selecting the right printer, maintaining print drivers, dealing with mixed hardware fleets and tracking users in different locations.

I-Queue, part of Equitrac print management software, removes these barriers by removing the dependencies that cause IT complexity and user dissatisfaction – print servers, drivers and queues - and significantly drives down costs by eliminating print servers and reducing network traffic. I-Queue lets users “just hit print”.

With Hybrid Print Control, only Equitrac enables you to deploy server-based printing, I-Queue or a combination of the two in a single, centralized print management solution.

I-Queue™ solves printing challenges by providing a single, intelligent print queue—for every user and every printer. When a user needs to print, they just select the I-Queue printer and can pick up the job at any printer using Equitrac Follow-You Printing. The power of I-Queue resides centrally on the Equitrac print management server, where a print driver repository and mobile service locator combine to automatically detect the location of the user and validate that the native print driver is accessible to process the print job. With I-Queue all print activity is tracked by Equitrac, ensuring compliance with print policies and maximum contribution to cost reduction initiatives.

We are a one-stop office solution for the professional and commercial markets throughout Africa. Our industry knowledge and understanding is steeped in over a decade of experience in print management software. Wouldn’t you like to see how you can save money, increase productivity and protect the environment with the world’s best software solution?

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