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One Channel and Acumatica take the message on the road showcasing the power of a true Cloud platform which leverages scalability and mobility – enabling integration between financial and sales processes, business intelligence and productivity for revenue gains to companies across all sizes in South Africa.

The rising dominance of Cloud ERP is unmistakeable. Already, new investments in Cloud ERP has surpassed that of traditional ERP – aligned with projections by PwC that the growth of SaaS will more than double to US $78-billion by 2016 while investment in traditional ERP will decline by over 30% to less than US $15-billion.

Combined with the rise of connected smartphones and tablets, Mobility has become a key catalyst for new business models. A recent study by KPMG finds that one of the top priorities of CIOs planning to use cloud computing in 2015 is to “better enable” their mobile workforce.

One Channel CEO, Bernard Ford says the latest released research shows that Cloud ERP adoption has grown significantly, with 85% of CTOs having implementing multi-site and multi-geography Cloud ERP within the last twelve months. “At One Channel, we believe that it’s definitely time to clearly define what it means to have a true cloud ERP – completely scalable and deployable across any public, private or hybrid cloud.”

“For South African companies, true Cloud ERP offers the opportunity of transforming their business towards a more rewarding customer and data-driven approach. This is completely different from previous understanding of the cloud, which focused mainly on volume driven cost efficiencies,” he adds.

Cloud ERP – a revolutionising force for medium-sized organisations

In the ERP space, a lot of confusion surrounds what is the best option for small, medium and large organisations. The opportunity and ability for medium sized organisations to leverage Cloud ERP is critical – it allows them access to benefits which traditionally were restricted only to large enterprises due to cost factors.

True Cloud ERP revolutionises this and democratises the benefits of, streamlining processes, integrating key departments that influence revenue and real time business intelligence for medium sized companies.

True Cloud ERP which leverages HTML 5 allows users to securely access their business applications from any web browser, from any device. This ultimately drives productivity by saving time and money on installation and maintenance of legacy hardware and software.

Acumatica’s President of International Operations, Laurent Dedenis, says new business models require the ability to scale to new customer demands across entirely new selling channels, and even to enabling sales teams and channel partners to complete sales processes on the go, via mobile devices and maintain an excellent customer experience in the process.

“This is made possible with Cloud ERP leveraging true cloud architecture – scalability to unlimited number of users across multiple mobile devices; at little incremental costs. Businesses are not confined to the four walls of their premises, True Cloud enables businesses to now Involve Everyone, Anywhere and on Any Device,” he explains.

True Cloud ERP such as the Acumatica platform and suite of applications enable complete choice of deployment and data ownership of the users. This is a key differentiator between true cloud and false cloud ERP. A true cloud ERP enables deployment and migration of data on any public, private or hybrid cloud of choice. Licensing is based on resource consumption, enabling true multi tenancy and unlimited scalability.

Learn more at the “The ERP and Mobile Revolution” co-hosted by One Channel and Acumatica, on the 3rd June in Cape Town and 4th June in Johannesburg. To register go to



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