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Tarsus Distribution has announced the local availability of HPE Synergy from Hewlett Packard Enterprise – a converged infrastructure platform that provides a single solution for all applications and operational models, from traditional to cloud. The ‘composable infrastructure’ platform enables IT departments to achieve significant cost-savings, streamline management of traditional and cloud native applications, and rapidly deliver new services and applications that support the growth of the business.
HPE Synergy physically brings together compute, storage and networking fabric, and through a single interface powered by HPE OneView, composes physical and virtual resources into any configuration for any application. This gives the enterprise the agility to quickly deliver new applications, embrace new business models and enter new markets by taking advantage of mobile, big data and cloud native technologies.
At the same time, the platform enables the IT department to drive efficiencies and cost savings by automating administration and vastly reducing overprovisioning and underuse of computing resources. Customers can compose physical and virtual resources on the HPE platform, reducing overprovisioning by as much as 60%, resulting in upfront capital expenditure savings of up to 17% and ongoing capex savings of up to 30%.
HPE Synergy leverages fluid resource pools, software defined intelligence and a unified API to provide the foundation for organisations to continually optimise the right mix of traditional IT and private cloud resources. Its built-in software intelligence, auto discovery capabilities and fluid resource pools enable customers to instantly boot up infrastructure ready to run physical, virtual and containerised applications.
To simplify the delivery of infrastructure to developers, Synergy has a powerful unified API and a growing ecosystem of partners like Arista, Capgemini, Chef, Docker, Microsoft, NVIDIA and VMware. The unified API provides a single interface to discover, search, provision, update and diagnose the composable infrastructure required to test, develop and run code.
Says Mike Rogers, executive, Tarsus Technology Group: “HPE Synergy is an extensible platform that easily deploys a broad range of applications, making it ideal for customers looking to roll out a scalable hybrid cloud environment or to enable continuous DevOps. It gives IT departments a reliable and cost-effective infrastructure that delivers the flexibility and speed to deliver services like a cloud provider.”



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