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Organisations seeking to put forth professionally crafted content can now utilise TechSmart Media Communication’s content creation and copywriting services.

Among the many changes that the 21st century has brought with it, one of the most apparent is how information and the access to it has been thoroughly altered. Thanks to the internet and social media, every company can build and connect with targeted audiences and impart its own message, sharing information that is most pertinent and holds value.

However, while general users have access to volumes of information like never before, not all content is created equal. Much of what can be found online is often poorly written, unsubstantiated or worst of all, simply wrong, and thus the need for professional and well written content has never been higher.

It was with this in mind that TechSmart Media Communications (TMC) was created at the beginning of 2015, on the strength of its combined thirteen years worth of publishing TechSmart and TechSmart Business magazine, and the website. With content creation, copywriting, and ‘journalist for hire’ services, the same high standards of journalism that were brought to bear on those publications are applied to any client wishing to connect with its audience, and have intricate topics distilled into professional, easy to read and actionable articles. These include the creation of thought leadership pieces, press releases, feature articles, event/conference coverage and even entire custom publications that explore a particular topic in great depth.

While consumer technology and ICT remain the mainstays of our focus, we are not limited to only these topics by any means, as this year we have added general business, education and Fintech to our portfolio as well.     

For more information, or to discuss how we can assist you with your content creation needs, contact Mike Joubert at (083-290- 2889), or Ryan Noik at (072-490-4827).



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