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Kamal Ramsingh, Africa Technology Leader, Deloitte

Largely the consequence of the rapid pace of technological change in the workplace, is that the role of the CIO has undergone a fundamental shift. No longer is this function defined as a ‘back-end’ business function – operating quietly (and in relative anonymity) behind the scenes. As the latest trends in technology rapidly disrupt and shift the business landscape, the role of the CIO is evolving- to that of a trusted, visible partner to all areas of the business.

Not only through managing access to information and technology – but providing an advisory role. One that rests on the twin pillars of prediction and planning. A series of technology trends are set to disrupt traditional business practices as we know them, and the CIO plays a key role in putting systems in place to ‘shock-proof’ companies as they navigate the post-digital landscape.

The Deloitte Tech Trend report is an annual temperature check of leading technology trends impacting business today: and into the future. Last year’s report investigated the way in which disruptive technologies like cloud, data analytics and cyber-security will impact the way in which business processes are carried out.

This year’s report, titled ‘’Inspiring Disruption” will be launched later this month. The 2014 report is a ‘crystal ball’ offering insights on key trends in technology for business. Armed with this report, an organization’s CIO will be empowered to chart a course for the company in the workplace of tomorrow.

Among the trends highlighted in this year’s report are social activation (companies seeding their content on social media- and thereafter allowing the audience to advocate on their behalf) and industrialised crowdsourcing. In the case of the latter, companies will now be able to use the collective knowledge of the masses to help with tasks ranging from data entry and coding to advanced analytics and product development.

As disruptive technologies fundamentally alter the workplace –it is the role of the CIO to anticipate this – and put systems in place to ensure that their people and processes are ready and robust enough to handle the increased demand from the business.

The market is changing. A forward-thinking CIO who can predict where the next business demand is going to present itself, is an asset to a company or organisation that wants to be – and remain, ahead of the curve.




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