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Aetas Business in a Box (ABiB) is a rich and dynamic solution that provides entrepreneurs with a simple and powerful tool for launching their own business. Everything that the CEO needs is built into this package, from the business model to the website to full administrative support and security. It is a comprehensive and complete solution that levels the playing field and puts a boardroom into every home.

“At its core, Aetas is the ultimate tool for the entrepreneur, handing them the keys to a new and exciting future,” says Paul van Zyl, CEO and Founder of Aetas. “We provide everything that the business owner needs in order for them to start and run their own thriving organisation, and we ensure that it is as easy and efficient as possible.”

Aetas doesn’t just level the playing field, it re-imagines it. There is no big upfront cash investment or the need to spend money on a website or staff; everything is included in the monthly administration fee of R289 per month. Aetas owns and markets brands such as Regal Finance, Regal Car Finder, Aetas, Aetas Online Campus, CloudLearning, Home Logix and Prosperoh. The products are then white labelled so that users can brand them with their own company name and use these names to drive content on their website.

ABiB includes a free website with hosting and design free of charge. The content, driven by intelligent SEO language, is also provided within the package along with marketing materials, email addresses and social media marketing campaigns.

“Our solution will turn anyone into a CEO,” says van Zyl. “It’s a revolution for business, taking away the risk and handing over the reward. We help our clients to market the products and reach the right audiences and even take on a large proportion of the admin that comes hand-in-hand with a new business.”

The products featured on the site are predominantly from Aetas, but owners can introduce their own services and solutions to bolster sales. Products provided by Aetas run the gamut from LED TVs to SETA-Approved distance learning courses and vehicle finance. Commissions are paid out weekly and range in value from R1000 to R2500 per sale and often include once off profits that come about as a result of a special offer or sale.

“Aetas was designed to give people control over their futures and to allow them the freedom to run their own successful business without the hassle,” says van Zyl. “We have had some remarkable success stories with our product and we have just launched a competition that recognises the most impressive results.”

The competition rewards the most profitable Aetas Business in a Box franchise with staggering R250 000.00 in total prize money after a six month period. It launches on 01/07/2015 and the winner will be announced on 10/01/2016

“We are completely committed to the value we offer and believe in the potential of this solution to transform people’s lives,” concludes van Zyl. “Aetas is about allowing people from all walks of life the opportunity to run their own business, and run it well.”



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