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TrackOFF, a consumer privacy company that builds best-in-class tools to secure users' identities and personal data, today announces its plans to help reduce online fraud in South Africa. The company, based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, recognises that there are few solutions available to South Africans and aims to decrease web-based identity theft across the country.

In South Africa, online fraud and identity theft are on the rise, costing businesses in excess of R1 billion a year¹ and leading to one person’s identity being stolen every 29 seconds2. TrackOFF warns citizens to be cautious when sharing personal information online, as cyber criminals have become extremely sophisticated in their strategies and attacks to gain access to databases of personal information, with financial gain the main target.

TrackOFF empowers consumers of all technical skill levels to regain control of their identities and personal data by blocking the various forms of online tracking used by hackers and trackers. The solution also allows users to browse the web without having their searches stored, shared, or sold. In addition, it encrypts a user’s browsing during sensitive tasks like online banking, and shields their IP address and location. Altogether, it offers a proactive solution to prevent online identity theft.

TrackOFF CEO Chandler Givens comments, “Today, we share an awful lot of personal information every time we’re online, mostly unwillingly. TrackOFF allows users to regain some peace of mind on the web. It’s simple to use—anyone can install it in minutes and begin protecting their identity and personal information. We’re excited to launch in South Africa and spread awareness about new privacy threats.”

TrackOFF can be downloaded and installed from here:

Following the launch, the 3-month promotional price breakdown is as follows:

·         1-month license for TrackOFF Basic: R29.99

·         1-month license for TrackOFF Elite: R55.55

·         1-year license for TrackOFF Basic: R299.99

·         1-year license for TrackOFF Elite: R555.50

Users who purchase a yearly subscription save 20% (on top of the promotional price).



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