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If you veered off course from your New Year's resolutions, the beginning of February provides another chance to re-dedicate yourself to improved fitness and healthy lifestyle goals for the year. With Gen Z, often referred to as "Generation Active," making up 80% of all gym goers, let's delve into their training routines and explore the current trends.

Frequently portrayed as individuals overly fixated on smartphones and social media, Gen Z should not be overlooked when it comes to exercise. Although they indeed dedicate more time to swiping than their predecessors, they demonstrate heightened social consciousness and prioritise health more than any previous generation. Their perspective on fitness is enlightened, emphasising mental well-being, intrinsic motivation, and the desire to be part of a community. 

Under Armour, global leader in athletic performance gear, recognises the impact of Gen Z, or 'Generation Active,' on the fitness market and is proud to announce the launch of the unisex TriBase Reign 6, setting a new standard in cross-training footwear. Designed to be an all-in-one powerhouse, this latest addition to the Reign series combines stability, durability, and flexibility to elevate your fitness experience and stands out as the perfect companion for the modern fitness enthusiast.

Beyond the Treadmill: Unveiling Gen Z's Fitness Trends

  • Hybrid Training Models: Gen Z is embracing the popularity of hybrid training models, which blur the lines between different exercise disciplines. These models combine elements from various workouts, such as strength training, yoga, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), offering a well-rounded fitness experience tailored to diverse fitness goals. The trend is driven by a desire for versatility and effectiveness in achieving overall fitness.
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Among Gen Z, HIIT remains a focal point in fitness trends. This form of training is trending due to its efficiency in improving cardiovascular fitness and metabolic health. HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief periods of rest, making it a time-efficient and effective workout for the younger generation with busy lifestyles.
  • Combining Strength and Endurance Training: Gen Z is breaking away from the traditional separation of strength and endurance training by exploring the benefits of combining both in a single workout session. This trend is gaining traction as it offers a holistic approach to fitness, challenging the notion that these modalities need to be practiced separately. The combination provides comprehensive fitness benefits, appealing to Gen Z's preference for multifaceted and efficient workout routines.

The TriBase Reign 6 aligns with Gen Z's fitness culture, blending style and functionality for a generation that values performance and versatility beyond traditional workouts. Tailored to complement versatility, it excels in hybrid training models, seamlessly integrating various workout disciplines such as strength training, yoga, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). More than just a shoe, the TriBase Reign 6 is a fitness companion, offering the support and flexibility necessary for a well-rounded and efficient workout journey.

The TriBase Reign 6  boasts unbeatable ground control with its triangular plate providing three points of contact, ensuring rock-solid stability with every rep, set, and cardio burst.

The drop-in midsole combines firmer heel material with softer forefoot cushioning, ensuring long-lasting power and impact absorption during intense workouts. The UA WARP upper, with TPU mesh, provides ultimate support and breathability, while the external heel clip and internal heel counter add extra stability and support.

Why the UA TriBase Reign 6?

With three points of ground contact and a strategically secure upper, this training shoe is built to support your best form as you lift, move, and conquer your most explosive workouts. The Reign 6 is tailored for strength training, athletic workouts, cross-training, HIIT, CrossFit, sprints, and plyometrics, making it one of the strongest training shoes of 2024.

Key Product Features:

  • UA WARP upper for ultimate support and breathability
  • External heel clip & internal heel counter for added stability & support
  • Dual-density midsole for better support & underfoot comfort
  • Updated UA TriBase for maximized ground contact, natural motion, and flexibility
  • Full-rubber outsole with medial rope grip for durability and abrasion resistance


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