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Vox Telecom has launched CloudBackup, an online application to deliver simple, secure, local and reliable backup aimed at consumers and small businesses, at a competitive and cost effective price point.

Justin Elms, Senior Product Manager of Infrastructure Services says  “we all know someone that has lost all of their music, photos and personal documents when their computer crashed or was stolen.  Backing up data just isn’t second nature for us - but the results of losing everything are undeniably catastrophic.”

CloudBackup from Vox Telecom not only simplifies backups, by automating them, it makes the recovery of data from anywhere, easier because it stores this data (be it music, photos or personal documents) in the cloud.

“Critical to the success of CloudBackup is to understand the difference between file storage and backups. It may mean the difference between starting from scratch and just restoring your content,” adds Elms.

“Simply put, file storage services like Dropbox, GoogleDrive and OneDrive store your content off-site and enable sharing of that content across devices and with others. Its main purpose is not for disaster recovery but rather for storage and access. Backups on the other hand, are physical copies of files that are saved and stored locally, on a disk or hard drive, or in the cloud.  It has built-in backup times, version control, encryption, data management features and enables users to restore files that may become corrupted or have been deleted from your device.”

Unlike file storage services, CloudBackup from Vox Telecom, provides secure, encrypted backups of your data.  It is hosted in South Africa, guaranteeing increased security and data protection, and for small businesses it meets local regulatory compliance requirements.  

Concludes Elms, “the combination of unlimited storage, with the added peace of mind that backups can be scheduled, and that content is encrypted before being transmitted and stored all for a cost effective, fixed monthly fee, makes this a compelling option for small businesses and consumers alike.”



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