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“Customer service”- for many that rhymes with contradictions like “military intelligence”, “jumbo shrimp”, or “deafening silence”. But customer service shouldn’t be- and will no longer be- two words that don’t go well together, once you download iBleat.

Developed by South African entrepreneurs, iBleat is the one app connecting every customer to any business, brand or outlet - seamlessly and privately.  

All other platforms, be they social or more traditional media- can be a pain. Call centres are the pits, right?!

Social media seems the way to go then (67% of all social media posts relate to customer service, with 60% of consumers expecting a response within an hour).

However, Facebook posts might be jumped on and completely derailed by a gazillion other users- and so nothing happens. You are frustrated. The business or company you posted about probably never gets to hear about it and so never resolves the issue or receives the compliment. The likes of Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp and Messenger may not give you much better results- and who needs an app from every other business on their phone, or marketing spam? Nobody.

iBleat is easy and intuitive to use and here’s a taste of what this free, dedicated customer service channel does that has never been done before- making your life a whole lot simpler:

·        You don’t have to search for a business’s details.

·        Bleats are private and secure and are correctly directed, while retaining the ability for you to share to Facebook or Twitter should an issue not be satisfactorily resolved.

·        Businesses can instantly respond, with the full Bleat info increasing their ability to engage effectively.

Another benefit of iBleat is significant decluttering of social media.

We believe that more good happens than bad and iBleat creates an easy platform to recognise good service.

To create more goodness, compliment someone’s service that made your day via iBleat and you and the person you recognise could each win R5000!

Here’s how:



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