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AMD has announced the launch of its Radeon HD 6990M graphics processing unit (GPU), which the company calls the world’s fastest single mobile graphics processor. The CPU and GPU maker stated that its AMD Radeon HD 6990M GPU has been “measured to be up to 25% faster than any other announced notebook enthusiast GPU.”

This announcement follows right in the wake of Nvidia’s release of its GeForce GTX 580M, which the company also claims is “the world’s fastest notebook graphics processing unit”.

According to AMD, the Radeon HD 6990M enables a significant graphics upgrade from its current gaming notebook graphics solution, the AMD Radeon HD 6970M. It features support for DirectX 11, meaning that gamers can look forward to faster frame rates and superior image quality.

Hardcore gamers can boost their notebook’s gaming performance via AMD CrossFireX technology, whereby they can employ dual AMD Radeon GPUs on a motherboard that supports it and Dual Graphics functionality. The latter sees them utilising a combination of AMD Radeon GPUs or an AMD Radeon GPU and an AMD APU (application processing unit).

This GPU sports support for AMD’s Eyefinity technology, so notebook users will be able to connect their PC to up to six displays. It also boasts support for AMD App Acceleration technology, which utilises the GPU to enhance video playback, video streaming as well as delivering faster web browsing via Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) and Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

“There’s always been a belief that when it comes to mobile computing you need to make performance compromises. Today AMD demolishes that myth,” said Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager, GPU division, AMD.

“The AMD Radeon HD 6990M GPU, which not only packs AMD Eyefinity technology with unprecedented specs, also provides full Microsoft DirectX 11 and Stereo 3D support. Bottom line, this processor is epic and it’s here - now.”

AMD’s Radeon HD 6990M graphics processor delivers AMD HD3D technology to notebooks users whose system features a 3D display and 3D glasses, allowing them to view 3D movies and photos.

“At its core, the Alienware brand is about pushing the limits and finding new extremes in gaming performance,” stated Arthur Lewis, vice president and general manager for Alienware.

“By offering two AMD Radeon HD 6990M graphics processors in our flagship M18x laptop, Alienware and AMD have come together to provide gamers the ultimate mobile experience.”
Alienware also offers its Alienware M18x gaming notebook PC with Nvidia’s top-of-the-mobile-GPU-line GeForce GTX 580M, along with a dual GPU option.


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