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In a major coup for the company it has been confirmed that AMD officially overtook Nvidia in graphics processor shipments during the second quarter. 
According to a report filed by Mercury Research this week, AMD took fifty one percent of the stand alone GPU market during the time period. During the same period last year AMD held just forty one percent of market share compared to Nvidia’s fifty nine percent. 
This may have come about for a number of reasons. AMD has been steadily gaining on Nvidia in terms of market share in recent years. In 2009 it was the first company to deliver DirectX 11 compatible GPUs, which was a major boost for overall sales. 
In contrast Nvidia delayed the release of its own DirectX 11 compatible GPUs in order to deliver cards with a 40nm manufacture process. As a result, the company delivered its GTX range over six months later than its competitor. 
Although this may not seem much of a stretch to the average consumer, those who are familiar with the technology industry will be aware that six months is as good as a lifetime in terms of processing related units. 
Nonetheless, Nvidia’s DirextX 11 range is arguably more impressive than AMD’s. This may see the company reclaiming a portion of its market share in coming months.


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