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The move towards ultrabooks is gaining momentum as more and more manufacturers are releasing new models. Not one to be left behind, Acer has announced its first ultrabook, the Acer Aspire S3.
Ultra-slim in an aerodynamic metal design

Being ultraportable, the Aspire S3 is a mere 13 mm thin and weighs less than 1.4 kg. The aerodynamic design of the Aspire S3 features a strong and lightweight aluminum/magnesium alloy chassis, and a lid with a fingerprint-free metal finish. All-day usability is assured by a super-lightweight, high-density battery that delivers up to seven hours (on models fitted with Solid State Drives) of juice.

The 13.3" ultra-thin HD LED display adopts an open cell design to conserve materials by using the lid and bezel to form an aluminum frame for the screen. This creates a super-slim yet protective profile, and reduces the energy required during manufacture as compared to conventional panel designs.
Uncompromising performance for content creation and enjoyment

The Aspire S3 features the latest 2nd generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors for full computing and digital creation capability. Additionally, users can choose between a very generous 240 GB SSD or 320/500 GB HDD with embedded SSD (SSD is integrated with the mainboard and dedicated to Acer Green Instant On) for ultra-fast access. Packing professionally-tuned Dolby Home Theater v4, the Aspire S3 also delivers vibrant, cinema-style surround sound and enhanced dialogue quality for optimum listening experiences.

Standard HDMI output is included for connecting the Aspire S3 to popular HD peripheral devices for high-def digital/video playback and extension. Furthermore, users can quickly and easily share data or download photos from their digital cameras using the integrated 2-in-1 card reader, that supports SD cards and MultiMediaCard.

Innovative airflow design enhances comfort

The Aspire S3 features a vent-free bottom which enables the notebook to rest comfortably on the user's lap. Warm components are smartly placed away from the palmrest and touchpad area, so users won't feel any heat discomfort.
Further innovation is offered via a new airflow design that dissipates warm air from the rear of the notebook, preventing air from blowing towards the user's hands. Finally, the fan motor is optimised, to enhance efficiency and lower power consumption. This, in turn helps increase system battery life. 

Ultra-long unplugged freedom via instant on and connect

The Aspire S3 boasts two important new innovations: Acer Green Instant On, which delivers ultra-fast responsiveness, energy efficiency and enhanced power management; and Acer Instant Connect, which provides access to the internet in just 2.5 seconds. According to Acer, this is four times faster than conventional connections.

Acer Green Instant On provides two sleep modes from which the Aspire S3 responds with surprising speed: From Sleep the Aspire S3 will resume in a mere 1.5 seconds, and from Deep Sleep it resumes in 6 seconds. In the Deep Sleep state, Acer believes the S3's battery life will last up to 50 days.

"The Aspire S3 is truly designed to meet notebook users' needs, combining essential features of the smartphone and tablet PC, such as fast startup and internet connectivity, with long battery life. Matched with its slim form, the Aspire S3 will provide a fresh experience and set a major milestone in the history of Acer's notebook development,” said Celeste Gibbens, marketing manager for Acer Africa.
Pricing and Availability

Priced from R9999, the Aspire S3 will start to roll out in South Africa in November, and is expected to become Acer's star product during the fourth quarter. 


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