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Adobe Collage
Currently only on the Android platform, Adobe Collage is a superlative app for creative types and well worth the R78 price tag. The app enables one to create, as the name suggests, collages that combine backgrounds, images, text, drawing effects to create an array of moodboards.
Photos can be resized and rotated with multitouch, while multiple layers are also supported. Although the app only offers four pen types and an eraser, it does support importing Photoshop’s PSD and Illustrator’s AI files, as well as files in PDF format, which greatly extends its versatility.
We love apps that challenge us to think on our feet, and Galaxy is a puzzle game that certainly fulfils that expectation. Its premise is simple – you need to connect stars in a galaxy together to form a constellation. However, you cannot go backwards and in certain cases, you can only go in one direction.
Also available is the time challenge mode, in which you need to complete as many puzzles as you can in a given time, and arcade mode, which enables you to play at a difficulty level of your choice. Galaxy boasts 200 levels, is free and compatible with devices running Android 1.5 and up.
Dropsync is in our view one of those essential apps that Android users need to add to their toolbox if they ever use Dropbox. The app, which is a two-way synch client for the cloud storage service, enables users to keep their files, with the latest changes, on their phone or tablet synchronised with Dropbox on their PC seamlessly.
Additionally, Dropsync enables one to set how often files will be automatically synchronised during a day. While the standard version is free, the Pro version (at R15) offers the ability to synchronise multiple folders and no ads.
Android tip of the month
If you want quick access to recently used applications, simply press and hold your Android phone’s home button. The resulting screen will show at least six active applications, so just click on the one you need. This can save you the hassle of going through the regular apps menu to find what you are looking for. 


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