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Zillow Digs
For home improvement/interior design aficionados, Zillow Digs is a must install. The app boasts an exhaustive database of images for every conceivable room that can be found in a house, as well as inspiration for outdoor spaces such as gardens and patios as well.
The images on offer can be organised by room or according to design style (if for example modern, rustic or Mediterranean is up your alley) and saved photos can of course be shared with friends via Facebook.
DStv for iPad
One of our most often used apps on the iPad, DStv for iPad, may not be new, but it has received a bit of an update recently that makes it quite a bit more comprehensive and convenient. Joining the ever useful TV guide, which offers a seven day forecast across all channels, is a new ‘On demand’ tab.
On demand enables one to search for a specific movie or TV series; sort shows by categories such as latest or most popular, and last chance.
Borderlands Legends
If you fancy some Borderlands action on your tablet, then Borderlands Legends, which has recently received an update, is well worth a look. The game allows you to play as Lilith, Mordechai, Roland and Brick, in a stylised world that reeks with character and brings some irreverent fun gameplay to the iPad.
Along with a price drop to R9, the update brings iPad mini support, a new sniper mode and enemies that drop guns as loot. It also offers just enough inspiration to venture back to Pandora on the big consoles as well.


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