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We already stated that 2010 is going to be a big year for gamers when we presented you with a choice of five furious games to look out for in the early stages of 2010. As autumn is approaching, there's a number of awesome titles vying for your attention. 
Splinter Cell: Conviction
The fifth instalment of probably the best stealth action game series (apart from Metal Gear Solid) will not only see a graphical enhancement, but also one in terms of gameplay with the addition of a host of new features set for debut. One of these is the “Mark and Execute” feature, which allows you to prioritise specific targets, such as an enemy or an object, by marking them. You can, for example, distract one guard by shooting out a light near him and take out another guard while he goes to check the problem.
Why buy? Cause the credit crunch's effect on your game purchasing power has enraged you so much that you want to neutralise many a virtual enemy, using the new methods Sam Fisher now has in his arsenal.
When? Expected April 2010

God of War 3
The first two games of this trilogy set the bar for other epic third-person platformer titles. With GOW3 being the final chapter in the series, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Santa Monica seriously upped the ante. It's an exclusive release for the PS3 and the game features vast areas up to four times larger in size than those explored in God of War 2. It will also sport the ability to ride certain of the threatening creatures within the game, as well as new weapons to assist in carving your way through enemies.
The dynamic lighting used in GOW3 utilises the graphical boost and processing power that the move to the PS3 provided the developers. Apart from sporting a resolution four times better than previous GOWs, High Dynamic Range Lighting (HDRL) technology is employed to help create a more realistic way for Kratos to view his vast new world. Players will for instance experience a sharp brightness when Kratos leaves an area covered in darkness to move into an area that is well lit by the sun, just as in real life.
Why buy? Just as in previous GOWs, you’ll be able to control a bold-headed mythological version of Rambo on his warpath of revenge, filling this path with the bodies of a vast army of mythological warriors and creatures. But now Kratos will be able to strut his stuff with the added graphical power provided by the powerful PS3.

When? 19 March

EA Sports 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
Not only will you be able to take your chosen nation (any of the 199 that made it to the qualifiers for the tournament) from the qualifying stages all the way to World Cup glory during the final in Johannesburg, but you’ll also be able to play the first ever 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa online tournament against real life opponents from around the globe. The game will sport improvements in terms of graphics and gameplay over previous FIFA titles such as FIFA 10, but will also boast other new elements including realistic altitude effects, as well as home nation advantage. And let’s face it even a virtual Bafana Bafana is going to need every advantage they can get. All of the ten officially licensed stadiums will be on offer within the game.
Why buy? It’s the only guaranteed method of getting your team into the final of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
When? April 2010

From the legendary guys that brought you Doom and Quake, comes the first game to sport their new Tech 5 game engine. Details of the game remain sketchy, all we know for certain is that RAGE takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and sets the scene for a unique experience, since first person shooting action will be supplemented with some fast and furious racing, that will see you upgrading your vehicle with the money you win in the races. John Carmack, the technical director of Id Software also revealed in a blog post that there might be a iPhone version of the game as well.

Why buy? As if being a id Software game isn't enough, what other game offers you the opportunity to enter a Mad Max, come Borderlands, come The Hills have eyes world to blow people and stuff away and then race too?
When? Release date is still T.B.C.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

The legendary plumber is set for return to the Nintendo Wii near the end of May this year. The next installment of Galaxy will sport a host of new levels and power ups, such as a drill that Mario can draw on to tunnel right through the planet’s surface to the other side. Mario will also be joined by his dinosaur chum Yoshi, who’ll be able to scale steep inclines and vertical walls after eating a Dash Pepper, and fill with air like a balloon in order to float to new heights upon eating a Blimp Fruit.  
Why buy? Even after all these years Mario is still a major drawcard, so teaming him up with Yoshi the dinosaur will only add some extra gravity defying fun to the Galaxy mix.
When? 23 May


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