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While the internet buzzes with anticipation at an imminent big announcement by Apple, with all expecting to hear about the iPad 3 or iPad HD, Ten One Design has lifted the wraps on its pressure-sensitive Bluetooth 4.0 stylus for the venerated tablet.
The development, particularly for those who long to have greater control when drawing or writing on their iPad, is exciting in its own right.
The stylus, which has been codenamed “Blue Tiger,” will apparently offer full pressure sensitivity, meaning that drawings would be responsive to how firmly or lightly one presses the stylus to the screen.
Grace under pressure
This is the same kind of functionality that has won artists over to Wacom’s drawing tablets, as pressure sensitivity offers a more immersive experience and intuitive approach to drawing and painting digitally.
Additionally, the stylus also boasts palm rejection, which enables users to rest their palm on the tablet’s screen while taking notes or sketching.
"This accessory will change the way people can interact with their iPads," asserted Peter Skinner, the founder of Ten One Design. He continued that when using Blue Tiger in a drawing application, the user would be able to control stroke thickness, the colour of which would be displayed on the multi-colored LED button.
Additionally, the built in Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which is supported by the CoreBluetooth framework in iOS 5,  will enable the stylus to be used directly with the iPad.
Another advantage of being based on Bluetooth 4.0, according to Ten One Design, is that the stylus should enjoy considerable battery life on a single coin battery.  
To the point
While actual launch dates and prices have yet to be made available, we can’t help welcoming the news. Indeed, even the iPad 2 practically begs to replace our copious volumes of paper notebooks and sketchpads, although current stylus offerings just aren’t quite up to scratch as yet.
We suspect that the iPad 3 or iPad HD, whichever it ends up being called, will only enforce this desire.
For a view of Blue Tiger in action, hit the video below.


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