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Peplink, manufactures of a wide range of multi-Wide Area Network (WAN) routers, recently partnered with local company Nology to offer the South African market devices with the ability to connect several different networks in order to achieve improved network speed and reliability.
What this means is that several interfaces for example ADSL, iBurst, 3G or Wimax, can be merged into one ‘super’ connection. The company’s routers combines the speeds of all the connections so that for example four 4 Mb ADSL lines are transformed into a virtual 16 Mb ADSL line.

The routers incorporate intelligent failover where if one link fails, traffic can still be rerouted through the rest of the links, meaning an almost foolproof network setup. This fail-safe also applies to portable internet devices such as 3G connections.

“The Peplink multi-WAN routers are truly capable of load balancing traffic across a blend of WAN connections, using pre-defined rule sets, utilising a choice of up to seven load balancing algorithms,” said Wynand Britz, a representative from Peplink’s local office.

“Our multi-WAN routers have been tried and tested in international markets with an impressive customer base. The South African market, with its slow and notoriously unreliable Internet access, has been begging for a product like this and now it is available through Nology.”

With its bonded site to site Virtual Private Network (VPN) functionality an organisation will be able to connect up to 13 lines on a single VPN pipe.

The Peplink products do sound like they were made especially for South Africa, and with a reasonable price structure and no technical expertise required to maintain the devices, they seem ideal for small or large businesses wishing to increase their connection speed and reliability.


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