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According to Samsung three-dimensional television (3D TV) unit sales are expected to reach eight million around the globe during 2011. Going along with the growing excitement over 3D, has been the concern surrounding the potential health risks of using the 3D functionality, especially when it comes to the development of children’s eyes.
“An age old saying states; too much of a good thing could be a bad thing! Prolonged periods of 3D TV viewing is much the same as that of traditional TV, in that strain and deterioration on children’s eye-sight during prolonged periods of TV viewership is a well debated and understood scenario globally,” said Corrie Labuschagne, product and marketing manager for TVs at Samsung Electronics South Africa.
According to Labuschagne parents must continuously check that sufficient rest periods are taken. 
Samsung Electronics has deemed it crucial for consumers to be well informed on the potential issues as well as to provide practical guidelines for them. These guidelines are available in the way of the Samsung 3D TV Owner’s Manual, which has been designed to educate consumers around these potential concerns.
“While the content or ‘warnings’ issued in the Owner’s Manual are not intended to incite fear or panic in consumers or to shy them away from enjoying the undeniably realistic and immersive experience of 3D technology, we want to empower consumers to have their health and that of their family’s top of mind when adopting 3D into their lifestyle,” Labuschagne stated.
“Additionally, Samsung is in the process of developing prescription 3D glasses that will make the 3D viewing experience available to those with impaired eye-sight, thereby enabling more people to enjoy the viewing experience with no risk of further deterioration of their eye-sight. We are certainly committed to keeping consumers updated on all facets and new developments to 3D TV and 2011 is just the beginning.”


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