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First National Bank (FNB) has introduced a number of enhancements to its Banking App, delivering more functionality to smartphone and tablet users. Mobile device users are now able to register and use the Banking App, without the need of a pre-existing online banking profile.

In order to get this app, FNB customers must download it from the app store (Apple’s App Store, Google Play, or BlackBerry App World) of their relevant smartphone or tablet. Next, they simply complete the registration using their FNB bank account details, PIN as well as their ID number.

Once users have completed the registration on the App, they will be required to verify the registration at any FNB ATM or their nearest branch. This will provide them with automatic access to an Online Banking profile, using the details they created via the App.

inContact on the App

Besides the ability to register sans the need for a pre-existing online profile, a new version of inContact is also part of the improvements to the app. This feature will present a user with a timeline version of their expenditure, and these messages will come through as a push IM (instant message) to the Banking App.

Farren Roper, head of FNB Connect ISP and Business Operations, explained that the new timeline view is in keeping with modern social media trends. Customers also do not need to search for inContact SMS on their smartphone, as they will be able to quickly view their inContact spends in one aggregated place.

Roper stated that the company expected its banking competitors to follow suit and launch their own apps. He added that the only way for the firm to sustain its advantage in the application space was to continuously add innovative features to the app and deliver additional value for its clientele.

“We consider the FNB Connect Phone on the Banking App a key competitive advantage and a platform for new innovations now and in the future. Aside from the convenience factor, the growth and popularity of instant messaging platforms was the rationale for this,” Roper explained.

“With South African smart device penetration [set] to consistently increase and with FNB doing its part to facilitate smartphone and tablet take up even faster, we are accelerating the growth of our App base,” Roper concluded.

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