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To say that the Apple iPad was highly anticipated is an understatement. So what is the feedback after yesterday's announcement?

Ars Technica gives three pages of balanced opinion on Jobs’ new baby, saying that “the iPad isn't going to waltz in and just change the world, the way that its smaller predecessor, the iPhone, did. It'll have to fight its way to the top, like the iPod.”

Engadget gets their grubby mits on the iSlate and think that: “The screen is gorgeous, tilting is responsive, and the thing is super thin.” They also give their full opinion and post a video here, while scoping out its accessories.

U.S. News isn’t very positive about the commercial success of the iPad. Too big, too small, too hungry, too pricey and too clumsy are their five reasons why the Apple iPad will flop.

Gizmodo is much more generous, coming up with eight reasons, plus an updated three, why Apple’s latest announcement might go down the tube. Big, Ugly Bezel; No Multitasking; No Flash; No Cameras and Touch Keyboard being five of those.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports that it might take up to a year, and a price cut, for the iPad to really appeal to consumers. “It needs to be $300 to $400,” said Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray in Minneapolis. “It’s an amazing device, but investors should have measured enthusiasm about how long it takes for something like this to gain traction.”

So will the iPad kill netbooks? No recons Computerworld. CNET also weighs in by saying: “Consumers who make the leap from a notebook or Netbook to a tablet will immediately recognize the ergonomic limitations of a tablet. In short, the inconvenience of not having a physical keyboard: the keyboard on a laptop also acts as a ballast--or stand--for the screen.”

The New York Times though thinks that the iPad will kill Amazon’s Kindle, saying that the Kindle is too expensive for a single purpose device. They also think that it won’t kill the Kindle.

Gaming site Joystiq recons gamers won’t show no love for the iPad. “The point is, it looks like gamers may not be flocking to the iPad. Honestly, we could have told you that, as the above snippet from Joystiq's company chatroom demonstrates.”

Does the name iPad infringe on a current trademark of Fujitsu Ltd?  Bloomberg BusinessWeek thinks so. While The New York Times believes the name iPad makes woman feel a bit funny. “The term “iTampon” quickly became a trending topic on Twitter because of Tweets like this one: “Heavy flow?” Yikes.  


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