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Popular social media sharing site Foursquare has joined Facebook and Google+ in the rollout of new features this month, with its launch of Foursquare Lists. On its blog, the company explained that compiling lists had, to date, been annoying. To address this problem, it elaborated that the new feature was aimed at make lists easier to share, coordinate and keep updated.

Users will be able to access the new feature on their profile page. Additionally, the site will offer list ideas based on users’ check-ins, such as their favourite restaurants, for example. These can then be used as starting points to create a new list. Users will also be able to build a list from scratch, while the new feature will suggest related places for them to consider including as they compile their list.

The company stressed that the Lists feature was focused around sharing. To this end, users would be able to create a blank list and share it with friends who know the city and invite them to fill it with their suggestions. Similarly, users could also share their lists with their friends, while all lists, whether created from scratch or shared, would automatically update if new suggestions were added at a later date.  

The company elaborated that users would also be able to see their friends’ best lists when they go to, see all of their lists on their profile page, and, on each Tip, see what Lists it belongs to.

According to the company, its recommendation system was focused on helping users discover new things to do in the real world. “Lists are all about discovery and exploration, too. On each place, you can now see suggestions of related Lists, while Lists connect everything you do on Foursquare,” it stated. The new feature is expected to be available from today.

In recent news, Google+ added games to its offerings.

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