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Sony anticipate slow moving PlayStation Move sales
Sony is expecting its PlayStation Move motion-based controller to find success over time via word of mouth sales as opposed to being an instantaneous sales success at launch. According to Eurogamer, the company anticipates sales that emulate the trend set by its EyeToy add-on, whereby sales were boosted by friend-to-friend recommendations.
“Move is a natural extension in the same way as we brought EyeToy to PS2,” Sony Computer Entertainment senior vice president Ray Maguire stated to Eurogamer. 
“Am I expecting a massive day one? Not particularly. We didn’t with EyeToy, either. It went on to be massively successful.”
In related news, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai told MCV that digital-only PlayStation consoles aren’t the way forward for the company, despite Sony being one of the first companies to launch a digital medium only platform in the PSP Go.
“We do business in parts of the world where network infrastructure isn’t as robust as one would hope. There’s always going to be requirement for a business of our size and scope to have a physical medium.”
THQ wrestles against 2nd hand game buyers needs
THQ’s forthcoming wrestling offering WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 will include a one-time code for online play, meaning that gamers who purchase a second hand game or rent it from a video store will not be able to challenge their friends online. This might not sit well with a lot of gaming fans, but THQ doesn’t care.
“I don’t think we really care whether used game buyers are upset because new game buyers get everything,” Cory Ledesma, THQ’s creative director for wrestling games said in an interview with CVG. “So if used game buyers are upset they don’t get the online feature set I don’t really have much sympathy for them. That’s a little blunt but we hope it doesn’t disappoint people. We hope people understand that when the game’s bought used we get cheated.
“I don’t think anyone wants that so in order for us to make strong, high-quality WWE games we need loyal fans that are interested in purchasing the game. We want to award those fans with additional content.”
Red Dead Redemption movie with Brad Pitt?
Hollywood gossip site ShowbizSpy’s sources claims that Brad Pitt is first in line to portray John Marston in a silver screen version of Rockstar’s popular western title Red Dead Redemption.
“The idea is to make this in the style of an epic Western movie but with a few modern touches,” these sources told ShowbizSpy. “Brad is perfect for the role and he is being given first refusal.”
Doctor Who making a house call to Nintendo
BBC Worldwide has announced two more interactive iterations in the Doctor Who franchise. Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth on the Nintendo DS and Doctor Who: Return to Earth for the Wii will be released in the UK, Australia as well as selected territories across Europe during our summer.  
Resistance 3 coming next year
Insomniac Games has unveiled some info regarding the release of its forthcoming sci-fi FPS title Resistance 3. The company’s community manager James Stevenson told IGN that the game will be released in 2011, but would not give a more specific date than that.


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