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Garmin today unveiled its brand new line of GPS devices at an event held at the Rosebank Hotel in Johannesburg. The launch signals the entry into the market of a slew of new Garmin devices, including the slim nüvi 3790LT, otherwise humbly known as 'The Masterpiece'.

The company also announced a new strategic partnership with NAVTEQ, the leading global provider of map and traffic data. The partnership will see South Africans finally not having to wait months for new devices and features to be made available, instead landing locally within weeks or days of international launches.

Most importantly for GPS fanatics though, Garmin showcased its new range of devices for the first time. The new range of portable navigation devices includes the nüvi 2200, nüvi 2300, nüvi 2360LT and nüvi 2460LT. In addition to these already capable devices, the company also unveiled new top-of-the-line 37xx series devices such as the nüvi 3760LT and the nüvi 3790LT.

The slim new 2xxx series will replace the current 1xxx range, with new features such as park position recall, trip planner and an updated user interface. Advanced routing capabilities such as myTrends are also included, allowing the GPS to “learn” from your driving behaviour. For example, let's say you get up and drive to school/work at seven o'clock every morning, your new Garmin will now be able to learn from this behaviour and enter your regular destination automatically without you needing to lift a finger.

New ecoRoute functionalities will also enable drivers to analyse their driving habits to optimise fuel economy, informing drivers of the optimal balance between acceleration and braking. Lane Assist and Junction View features also appear on certain new models, clearly showing drivers how to navigate upcoming turns and intersections.

Owners of the new nüvi 2360LT, 2460LT, 3760LT and 3790LT will also enjoy the benefits of Premium Lifetime Traffic services, which is valid for the lifetime of the GPS device. Intuitive on-screen icons will enable drivers to steer clear of unwanted congestion and calculate efficient detours at the same time. Additional features include Automatic Speech Recognition and tilt support for landscape and portrait viewing modes.

The nüvi 3790LT 'Masterpiece' is the crown of the new range however, sporting an attractive brand new iPhone-like design. The super slim device includes features such as Automatic Speech Recognition, a crisp multi-touch capacitive display with slide, pinch and tap zooming support. 3D mapping for terrain, buildings and landmarks are also supported, as is Bluetooth hands-free calling.

The new Garmin range is available from select retailers already, so go out and get yourself a new navigation companion in time for the Easter holiday rush.

Pricing is as follows:

nüvi 2200 – R1 490
nüvi 2300 – R1 855
nüvi 2360LT – R2 655
nüvi 2460LT – R3 030
nüvi 3760LT – R3 635
nüvi 3790LT – R4 315


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