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IBM has made available a unique “stream computing” software that falls under their Smarter Planet banner, at no cost to their clients.

IBM System S is analytics software which is capable of analysing thousands of simultaneous data streams. The objective is to analyse large volumes of data in real time. Its powerful analytical tools are therefore able to deliver essential and accurate decision-making information to businesses faster than any other means.

“System S software is another example of IBM helping clients through our long-term investments in business analytics and advanced mathematics,” said Dr. John E. Kelly III, IBM senior vice president and director of IBM Research. “The ability to manage and analyse incoming data in real time, and use it to make smarter decisions, can help businesses and other enterprises differentiate themselves.”

One of the more interesting uses to which the software is being put is the study of “space weather” by Uppsala University and the Swedish Institute of Space Physics. Analysing “space weather” will supposedly help us better understand its influence on energy transmission over power lines, radio communications, air and space travel and a number of other important human activities.


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