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At a media event this week in Fourways, LG showcased its L series range, an innovative QuickMemo feature that will be implemented across the range, and confirmed release details for the middle of the range L5.
Additionally, the entry-level L3 and the high-end of the range, the L7, were similarly on display.
These new phones, which were debuted earlier this year, run off the Android mobile operating system, and each have a reassuring bit of heft in one’s hand.
Rather than the rounded corners that many other devices on the market seem to favour, the L series has instead adopted for a squarer shape, that still managed to look attractive rather than boxy. Despite its shape, we didn’t find sharp corners digging into a palm.
Something noteworthy
While the L3 relies on Android Gingerbread, both the L5 and L7 boast Android Ice Cream Sandwich; and it is largely expected that the latter devices would receive a Jelly Bean upgrade in the future.
Beyond this though, there were two other noteworthy features on offer across the range. The first is the inclusion of QuickMemo, which allows users to tap an icon, accessed from the top pull down menu or by holding volume up and volume down simultaneously, and then write a note on any screen.
This would then be saved as an image in jpeg format, which could be sent via email or shared with one’s contacts. Additionally, users could write a memo during a phone call, without having to access a separate app.
The company explained that QuickMemo was particularly aimed at creative thinkers, bloggers, and professional users.
The second “feature” of sorts was the reasonable and accessibly prices of the L range. Whereas the L3 will have a retail price of R1 399 (a little high for an entry level phone when compared to the Galaxy Pocket's R999), the L5 and L7 will retail for R1 999 and R3699 respectively.
The QuickMemo feature, here on the L7, enables users to write notes on any screen
and send them as images.
Further details
The ‘baby’ of the bunch, The L3 sports a 3.2” QGVA display, an 800 MHz processor, 1GB of memory for storage, and 150 MB for apps, along with microSD card support up to 32 GB. The LG Optimus L5 offers a 4” HVGA display, MSM7225A (Cortex A5 800MHz) processor, up to 3 GB internal storage  as well as microSD support up to 32GB, and a five megapixel camera.
The high end of the range, the L7, boasts the largest screen on offer here – a 4.3” WVGA display – along with a MSM 7227A (Cortex A5 1GHz) processor, 2.7 GB internal storage and the expected microSD card support, up to 32GB. Like the L5, it similarly offers a five megapixel camera.  
To the point
Admittedly, the phones on offer may not be at the same level as the Samsung S3 or HTC One X, but  they aren’t anywhere near those high pricepoints either. The QuickMemo feature is a nifty one, and in our initial tests, worked well enough to impress.

Both the L3 and the L7 are currently available, while the L5 will likewise become available by the end of this month. 


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