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In preparation for the launch of the PS Vita on 22 February, Sony announced this week that the latest software update for the PS3 will be released during the course of this week.
The company explained that the update is intended to prepare the console to serve as a content management device. The new update will apparently allow users to copy their digital content, such as games, music, photos, and videos, between PS Vita and PS3.
Additionally, users will be able to back up PS Vita game games including save data to their PS3 hard drive, and update the system software for their PS Vita system using the network features of the PS3.
The update will also offer PlayStation Plus members the option to enable or disable each automatic update feature for game patches, system software, recommended games and videos, and trophy information.
Additionally, it will add new PlayStation Network settings for filtering friend requests and messages.
While console updates are rarely a cause for excitement in our office, we were quite happy to see attention being paid to the imminent Vita’s compatibility with the PS3 system ahead of time.  
Ten weeks and counting
Sony’s latest portable console, which is launching in South Africa on 22 February 2012 already has a very decent lineup of 26 titles that should be available from day one, including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Resistance: Burning Skies, Sound Shapes, Gravity Rush, Super Stardust Delta, Escape Plan, and Ruin.
The company has detailed pre-order details that will offer users a PS Vita Gift Pack, which will include limited edition merchandise, exclusive content as well as PlayStation Store game discounts.
Users will be able to choose from the PS Vita Gaming Wallet gift pack or the in-ear headphones gift pack.

Recently, we explored whether portable consoles are still relevant in a tablet and smartphone world. Come early next year though, we suspect more definitive answers will become apparent. 


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