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According to, a leaked and confidential roadmap of AMD’s 2012 desktop plans hints at support for up to a tantalising ten cores, some time next year.

Provided the leak is legitimate, the enthusiast catering Corona platform would support the Komodo CPU, which reportedly would boast up to ten Piledriver CPU cores and Turbo 3.0, along with AMD’s next generation GPUs.

The roadmap also hints at the Virgo and Deccan platforms for mainstream and essential platform segments respectively.

The leak notes that Virgo’s Trinity APU, for mainstream desktops, is expected to accommodate up to four Piledriver cores, and similarly feature Turbo Core 3.0, a DirectX 11 GPU core and DDR3 memory.

The Deccan platform, shown under AMD’s Essential Desktop platform segment and presumably the successor to the company’s Brazos, notes the Wichita APUs, with support for up to four Bobcat CPU cores, a DirectX 11 GPU core and DDR3 memory.

There is no notation on expected prices, nor any indication of which regions these platforms are planned for. However, 2012 is only months away, and it would be interesting to see how accurate this leak actually is, and whether eight core and four CPU’s will be relegated to outdated technology at this time next year.

Of two things we are certain though – a lot can change in the technology industry in a year, and these are truly exciting times for technology enthusiasts.



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