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Local gaming distributor Megarom Interactive, today announced that South African Internet Service Provider MWEB, has announced a partnership with to exclusively host Call of Duty: Black Ops for the South African market. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops is expected to generate considerable demand from gamers both internationally and in South Africa. The partnership with will be a first for South African internet users, allowing for a superior network experience for online multiplayer gaming.
“This is another partnership that is in line with MWEB’s strategy of collaboration with key providers to deliver a superior internet experience. In this case not only for the benefit of MWEB customers, but for all South African internet users,” says Rudi Jansen MWEB Group CEO. 
MWEB will host Call of Duty: Black Ops in both its Cape Town and Johannesburg data centres. Non-MWEB customers will also see similar benefits from the local hosting of the game as they will no longer have to connect to international servers. Online gaming will be a key focus for the ISP where it will be optimising its network to accommodate future top gaming titles hosted in South Africa.
“It’s exciting that MWEB recognizes the market of online gaming and that they strive to bring these large gaming titles to locally hosted servers to improve the gaming experience for South Africans,” says Jason Borea, director at Megarom.


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