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Mobile apps are viewed as the domain of devices with blistering connections, powerful processors and Gigabytes of memory; smartphones.

Microsoft's OneApp is challenging this view by bringing web services like Twitter and Facebook to memory poor, GPRS cellphones; "feature devices".

OneApp software was designed by Microsoft, launched in collaboration with Blue Label Telecoms here in South Africa, to more efficiently use data networks by placing less load on networks and devices. This has the benefit of bringing down the cost to users of using such apps while greatly improving their experience.

OneApp is consequently ideal for use in developing markets where "feature devices" are the norm and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.  \"With a GPRS-enabled cellphone, consumers can now be part of the app experience, which is taking the world by storm,\" said Mark Levy, joint CEO of Blue Label Telecoms.

It is not surprising then that the app will debut in South Africa, a good test market with our high cellphone penetration. Microsoft hopes to launch the app within the next year in markets such as India and China. \"We\'re particularly excited by the technology\'s capacity to transform nearly any cell phone into a highly sophisticated, cost-effective and user-friendly transactional device,\" Levy said.


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