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Samsung has released its first look video at the impending Galaxy Note 2, which gives a more in-depth look at several of the features that the ‘phablet’ will offer.
While we already knew that the Galaxy Note 2 would one-up its predecessor’s screen size from 5.3” to 5.5”, the new video explains that the 16:9 screen ratio is intended to make it ideal for watching movies in a wide screen format.
However, Samsung stressed that the Galaxy Note 2 will still be slender enough to fit in one’s hands (presumably, if you have decent sized hands, that is).
Flurry of features
As on the impressive Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Galaxy S3, the first new feature that the Galaxy Note 2 will boast is Popup Play, which enables one to resize the video player in order to multitask, by, for example, simultaneously writing an email. The video window could then by independently moved around the screen.
Another new and notable feature is screen recorder, which enables users to record everything they do on screen, along with their voice, and save this as a video. This can then be used to create instructional videos or for collaborative purposes.  
The S-Pen has also received some attention, most particularly with Air View. This enables users to use the pen to hover over items, which then shows a preview of the relevant content.
For example, hovering over one’s schedule pops up a small preview of the appointment in question, without having to actually click on the item. This works similarly as handily with email, generating a preview of the body of the email when the pen is hovered over it.
However, Samsung has not stopped there, as the hands-on video shows the narrator hovering over a video, which then begins playing.
Finally, as befitting the phablet’s primary differentiation of capturing notes and sketches, the Galaxy Note 2 will also boast the ability to save drawings and upload them directly to a friend’s Facebook page.
To the point
The hands-on video comes shortly after the company teased a launch event on the 24th of this month, presumably for the new smartphone. 
Indeed, it certainly looks as though the Galaxy Note 2 is Samsung’s answer to the iPhone 5, continuing the trend the company began with the S3, of concentrating on introducing innovative features.   
If you have the time, and the bandwidth, the full video thirteen minute video follows below.


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