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Mozilla has announced the release of the latest edition of its popular Firefox web browser, with Firefox 19 now finally incorporating a built-in browser PDF viewer that enables users to read PDFs directly from within the browser.

Other enhancements brought by Firefox 19 includes startup speed performance improvements as well as a browser debugger and additional browser development tools for add-on developers.

Windows, Mac OS and Linux users new to Firefox can download the browser (19.6 MB - Windows PC version), whilst Firefox users can click on the ‘About Firefox’ section under ‘Help’ within their browser to upgrade (around 10 MB for Windows PC) to the latest version.

Now you can forgo the Reader plug-in installation as you are able to view PDFs right in the browser.

On the mobile side with Firefox for Android

On the mobile side, Firefox for Android now provides a more personalisable UI thanks to the addition of themes which allows users to change the look, and includes support for traditional and simplified Chinese.

In addition, Firefox for Android is able to run on more Android-powered mobile devices powered by ARMv6 CPUs. According to Mozilla, this added processor support boosts the availability of the browser to nearly 15 million additional smartphones.

The mobile browser is available for download from Google Play for free.

In other browser related news, Opera Software recently announced that it has crossed the 300 million monthly user milestone across all of the company’s web browser products on mobile phones, tablets, TV set top boxes as well as PCs.


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