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Symbian devices aren’t really known for their impressive multitasking abilities, as they tend to show signs of lag pretty much from the get go. The Nokia N8 looks set to change all that with it being the first of Nokia’s phones to make use of the latest version of the Symbian OS, Symbian^3 (pronounced Symbian three).
Symbian^3 boasts a new 2D and 3D graphics architecture that takes full advantage of the phone’s hardware acceleration to deliver a faster and more responsive user interface (UI). After Finest Fones revealed some very encouraging benchmark results for the hotly anticipated N8 smartphone, a video (see below) illustrating the phone’s impressive abilities has hit the web. It shows the smartphone simultaneously running 15 apps without the slightest hint of slowdown whatsoever. It also show the new visual task manager in action. 
The Nokia N8 may only be coming in Q3, just don't confuse it with the N800 which looks almost exactly the same, but isn't made by Nokia though. This Chinese N8 knock-off sports a 3.3" touch-screen, a pair of VGA cameras (as opposed to the N8's 12 megapixel camera) and a 2 GB microSD card included. It can be yours for the low, low price of $99.20 (under R760).  In this case it does seem like purchasing patience is indeed a virtue.  


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