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Along with the latest monthly desktop browser stats, market research firm Net Applications also released its mobile and tablet browser market share figures for March 2012.

Apple’s Safari browser may not be threatening IE, Chrome or Firefox’s user bases any time soon, but when it comes to mobile browsers, Safari reigns supreme. The Cupertino-based tech giant’s mobile browser commands the biggest slice (60.54%) of the global mobile browser usage pie, slightly down from the 61.19% registered during February.

Claiming second spot is Google’s Android browser, whose share of 18.30% for March is relatively the same as February’s 18.62%. Completing the top 3 is Opera Software’s Opera Mini browser, which sees its stake climb nearly one percentage point from 14.42% during February to 15.39% for March.

On the mobile browser fringes we find Research In Motion’s BlackBerry browser along with the Symbian browser, with respective shares of 1.73% and 1.56% share of the mobile browser usage pie. RIM’s mobile browser share is virtually unchanged compared to February’s 1.72%, whilst the Symbian browser experienced a slightest of increases from 1.48%.   

The king of the desktop browsers, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE), is rather humbled on the mobile browser landscape, as the mobile version of IE only manages to hold down half a percentage in terms of its browser stake. This will however, increase over time as Nokia, as well as Microsoft’s other mobile partners looks to release more Windows Phone Mango-powered smartphones.

In other mobile browser related news, Opera Software recently released the latest version of its popular Opera Mini mobile browser for Android-powered devices. Version 7 brings new features such as quicker browsing and smoother panning to the mobile browser table.


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