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The rumour-mill was in overdrive all last week over what Apple would announce at its most recent product launch held yesterday in San Francisco.

Most were speculating that we might see iPods with integrated cameras, a new version of iTunes with Facebook and Twitter integration, the highly anticipated Apple Tablet and even The Beatles debuting on iTunes.

What was announced was a new iPod Nano, an iPod Touch and iTunes9, so really the very basics of what was expected. The iPod Nano did however get that video camera everyone was talking about as well as a built-in FM radio, a built-in pedometer, some larger memory options and a price cut.

The new iPod Touch is likely the biggest disappointment of all the announcements. The most important news on the Touch front was a price cut in the US and some larger memory options, and hopefully we see something comparable here. No camera for the iPod Touch though, which is really weird as it was probably the device most would have expected to realise such an addition.

While there was no announcement on Facebook or Twitter integration in iTunes9 [Update: you can share information on songs or albums that you can buy from the App Store on Twitter and Facebook] , more functional additions were announced. The revamped software offers features such as LP, Home Sharing and Genius Mixes, as well as a redesigned store and improved syncing. LP is a purchase focused feature which enhances digital album purchases with content like videos and lyrics included. Home Sharing lets you automatically sync purchases across multiple computers and Genius Mixes automatically mixes songs that go well together.

The real news though was Steve Jobs. Many speculated that he would not even attend the event, let alone deliver the keynotes address. \"I\'m vertical,\" said Jobs. \"I\'m back at Apple, loving every day of it.\" Having been out of the spotlight since October 2008 after having undergone a liver transplant, Jobs\' opening address was greeted with a standing ovation, reports the AFP.



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