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Japanese console manufacturers seem to be on the warpath against piracy in recent weeks. Sony released a forced firmware update against the PSJailbreak, and now Nintendo has followed suit with the release of a firmware update for the DSi aimed at stopping illegal flashcarts.

Flashcarts are small cartridges, the same as standard DS cartridges, that allows users to play pirated games on their Nintendo DS systems. These flashcarts are frequently released with multiple titles onboard, making them very attractive buys for pirates.
As reported by Kotaku, flashcarts have recently been outlawed in Japan, Australia and the United Kingdom. The new firmware update, version 1.4.1, reportedly blocks the Acekard 2i, DSTTi, iPlayer, M3i Zero and Supercard DSTwo flashcarts, among others.
The new update hardly spells the end of the matter, but Nintendo is hoping it can at least stem the amount of illegal software out there.


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