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In the American state of Oklahoma a new law has been passed that requires people to add their digital and social media accounts into their last will and testament. The law took effect on the 1st of November 2010.

According to, former state Representative Ryan Kiesel, who had co-authored House Bill 2800 before he left office, hope that the law would remind people that along with their personal and real property, they also leave behind intellectual property.

"The number of people who use Facebook today is almost equal to the population of the United States. When a person dies, someone needs to have legal access to their accounts to wrap up any unfinished business, close out the account if necessary or carry out specific instructions the deceased left in their will," Kiesel said. "Digital photo albums and e-mails are increasingly replacing their physical counterparts, and I encourage Oklahomans to think carefully about what they want to happen to these items when they pass away." 

The bill assumes that all information on these social networking and/or gaming accounts are the property of the person who created them. This is in direct conflict with most service agreements that state that any information is the property of the respective company, be it Facebook, Blizzard or Valve

What’s your opinion on entrusting your digital life in your will? Who do you trust enough to leave your level 80 night elf in WoW behind? Who will inherit your Mii or Xbox Avatar?



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