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Opera Software has released the latest version of its popular Opera Mini mobile browser for Android-powered devices. Version 7 brings new features such as quicker browsing and smoother panning to the mobile browser table.

The boosted browsing speed and enhanced panning across webpages, is due to Opera Software’s improvement of Opera Mini’s hardware acceleration functionality. Up until now, Opera Mini for Android only allowed users to add up to nine Speed Dial buttons to the homepage, but with Opera Mini 7 users are now able to add as many Speed Dials as they want.

“Today, Opera Software launched the Opera Mini 7 web browser in a final version for the Android platform,” Opera Software stated. “This must-have app is your web surfing soulmate. 160 million monthly users of Opera Mini already know that this must-have app makes web browsing on your phone faster and can help save costs.”

You can download Opera Mini 7 from the Google Play Store or

In related news, the latest figures from Net Applications show that Apple’s Safari browser is king of the smartphone and tablet browser jungle, snapping up the lions share (61.19%) of the global mobile browser usage pie, thanks to the popularity of the iPad and iPhone. Coming in a distant second is the Android browser which accounts for 18.62%, with Opera Software’s Opera mini browser in third, holding a 14.42% stake.


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